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Meet Bella, our Truffle Hunter

Updated: Feb 20

This Italian pooch has a nose for Truffles

Robertson Truffles | Bella

This is Bella, our Truffle hunter who will be a part of the exciting hunts we have running at Robertson Truffles. When you book in for a hunt with Robertson Truffles, you will have a meet and greet with Bella, plus a live demonstration of Bella & John at work in the Truffiere, searching for the elusive black truffle.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed of dog that comes from the Romagna sub-region of Italy. The name means "lake dog from Romagna," originating from the Italian word lago, meaning lake. Its traditional function is a gundog, specifically a water retriever however, it is often used to hunt for truffles. Lagotti have a natural instinct for retrieving.

At Robertson Truffles, we fell in love with the Lagotto Romagnolo breed and added Bella to our family earlier this year.

Your tour guides – Samantha & John have raised Bella in their family home here at Robertson. She is a loving and loyal family pet for Samantha & John, and also plays a key role in working alongside John in truffle season to help him source out the truffles growing underground by using her fantastic senses.

We absolutely adore Bella, and anybody who appreciates truffle & canines will have a fantastic experience down here at Robertson Truffles.