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Our Truffles

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Here at Robertson Truffles, we are home of the highest of quality Black Perigord Truffles in Australia

The Perigord black truffle grows under oak & hazelnut trees; here at Robertson Truffles we have 315 oak trees producing the precious Perigord Truffle. The truffle and the tree have an intricate symbiotic relationship, one that our guests find fascinating when they explore it with us. The black truffle can only be harvested in Australia from June – August, with fresh being the only real way to experience the mystical aroma of truffle. During our site tours at Robertson Truffles, you get to experience this aroma straight from the source.

Our ‘Black Diamonds’ are rare and mysterious- learn about them as you experience the mystery here at Robertson Truffles...

Once we harvest these precious fungi, they are dispersed to local, interstate & international restaurants and grocers for seasonal sales. With keeping the ‘Fresh is best’ experience for our customers, our Perigord Truffles are harvested, dispersed and consumed within 2 weeks. Of course you can always purchase your black Diamonds directly from us on the property and we have fresh produce available to purchase at our Truffle Tours.

We begin taking bookings for our Truffle Hunts in February each year. Details and dates can be found here on the website. For any questions please call Tanya or Patrick on 0400233023 / 0411525454 or email

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