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Storing your fresh Truffles

When you receive your truffles, remove them from the vacuum packaging (if they have arrived in the mail) and gently dry any moisture with absorbent paper towel.

Wrap each truffle individually in good quality paper towel and place them in a clean dry closed glass jar in your refrigerator. Do not freeze the truffles.

Each day, you will see that condensation forms within the jar, and the absorbent paper becomes damp. Wipe out the jar and re-wrap each truffle in fresh absorbent paper.

Your truffles will last up to two weeks if cared for properly.

You can place some fresh eggs (uncooked, in the shell) in the jar with your truffles, and 24hrs later you can make delicious truffled scrambled eggs – the aroma of the truffles easily permeates the porous shell of the eggs. You can also put Arborio rice in the jar with the truffles, and make a truffled risotto. We hope you enjoy your truffles as much as we love growing them for you!

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