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Truffle Dog or Truffle Hog?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Both animals have a keen sense of smell and can be used for finding buried truffle treasures. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider however.

Robertson Truffles

Female Truffle Hogs possess an innate ability to find truffles without any training. The only downside is that when they find the truffles, they eat them. That would be some tasty bacon!

Truffle Pigs are on the nose in Italy

Do you know that since 1985 in Italy the use of pigs to hunt truffles has been banned? The pigs tend to negatively impact production due to their lack of care when digging for truffles. Who would have thought?

Truffle Dogs on the other hand can be trained to learn the scent of a truffle, and leave the truffles for our guests to enjoy.

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